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Let me start by saying, this renovation project was like couple’s therapy. It was intense, but beyond worth it. It’s surreal living in a space that previously wasn’t inviting and comfortable. 

When we first went to look at the trailer, it was difficult to look past the carpet and seemingly never-ending overhead cabinets, but I just had this vision of a cozy, modern bohemian niche that we could retreat into after exploring the local scenery - and we created just that. 

Keep in mind, the renovation is never ending. We still have quite a bit of trim and small details here and there to finish. If you see a section that is unfinished… trust me, it’s on the list. 

It’s definitely a work in progress, and to be honest, it’s starting to grow on us. Our ideas keep progressing and evolving and it keeps us on our toes and keeps Keegan busy.


Our fifth wheel is a 2006 Forest River Wildcat 28RK. The RK stands for “Rear Kitchen”. With this layout, the entire downstairs is decluttered and we appreciate the open space it provides.

Our front door is in the middle of the trailer on the tow vehicle passenger side, so the kitchen is to your left when you walk in, with the bed/bath to your right, upstairs at the front. 


The Living Room

The larger square space living was the main reason why I searched for this specific layout. We wanted a living area that wasn’t galley style — an open area for yoga, dog beds, & a place for all four of us (doggos included) to exist without feeling cramped. 

The nook isn’t 100% finished, all it needs is a new stereo system. As far entertainment center goes, that nook is mostly it! We have a Nintendo Switch that we play on. Soon, we’ll have a rechargeable projector that we can mount over the couch to project straight across onto a 5’ long window blind. 

Shop links to some of the items in the photos — they’re in our link page here.


Shop the living room details

Couch: Overstock \\ Weaving: DIY \\ Bench: Anthropologie 


The Kitchen

We chose the layout of this trailer specifically for the kitchen. This RV kitchen layout renovation was something we’ve never seen done before so we couldn’t wait to get started. We gutted out the original kitchen and rebuilt it with every inch of storage in mind.

I loved the L-shape of the kitchen, so we opened it up and lengthened the countertop to add a “bar”. We love to cook with an obscene amount of gadgets, and minimizing from house to house on wheels was a task, so we kept all we could. The original kitchen definitely didn’t cut it. 

In this redesigned kitchen we have a 30” sink, three burner gas range, microwave, fridge/freezer, pull out pantry to the right of the fridge, a pull out trash bin, four drawers for utensils/spices/dishes/Pirex, standard under the sink storage, and two huge appliance drawers that we added to the left of the “bar” (left of the barstool). 

The two huge hide-a-drawers next to the barstool store our big appliances and pots/pans. In those drawers we have an Instant Pot, standard size Vitamix, Cuisinart Processor, GoWISEUSA Air Fryer, Krups electric coffee grinder, set of pots and pans — with a little bit of wiggle room to spare!  

We are missing some trim here and there — still on the never ending to-do list!

I’ll create a more in depth RV kitchen & pantry organization later on. Go to our RV Kitchen Essentials post for links on what essential appliances/products we have to making cooking in a tiny kitchen enjoyable, how we store everything, and product links to our decor.  



the dining / office space

For us, this space needed to be versatile but simple, and able to store all of our personal tech/office gear and supplies. The benches are a his & her storage — giving each of us a large space to stow away our laptops/electronics stuff when they’re not being used.

We weren’t especially fans of the normal RV tables you see, so we opted to keep our dining table from our house. 



the Bathroom & “Water Closet”

Moving a level up into the trailer to the right of the entry is our Bathroom & “Water Closet” area. To the left of the hallway is the door to the “Water Closet”; the shower and vanity are to the right. 

Oh boy, again… at this point in the photos, we were still needing some waterproof trim here and there. We rebuilt everything in these areas thinking they wouldn’t be that hard… well, all of it is difficult and labor intensive. It’s not perfect by any means, but it is good enough for us.



the Bedroom

This is the coziest place in our home. We’ve kept it simple, minimal, and cozy. Too cozy. It’s crazy comfortable. We have a Tuft and Needle memory foam mattress paired with the best sheets we’ve ever had. Really, these sheets are amazingly durable and soft — you should get them if you’re looking for a replacement. 

We have his and hers storage space above and beside the bed. We also share a larger closet space that shares the south wall of the water closet — we store sweaters/jackets/pants/carry-on luggage.  Under the bed are hydraulic lifts that elevate the bed platform for more storage underneath. We have vacuum space saving bags that store out of season clothes under the bed that we swap out as the seasons change. 


All in all, it’s a drastic transformation from the starting point. We got away from dark and carpeted to elegant and organic. It’s everything we could wish for in a home. Like we said, it’s a work in progress, but we’ve come a long way. 

Check back for updates and a more in depth tour and build budget coming soon.