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how do we make money on the road?

Why is it really hard to find real and genuine information about finding sustainable remote work? Why are people afraid to talk about money and finances? Finding remote work or starting an online business can be really difficult — especially when you research “all of those remote opportunities” that make big promises and seem too good to be true.

For our nomad community, we wanted to share how we make an honest living on the road without the weird stigma that comes with talking about income.

Money is how we’ve made this dream happen, so we might as well share how we earn it and more about our experience!


hey y’all

we are kate and keegan

Just us and our dogs, Oliver and Pippin, leaving our small Texan hometown to seek a “smaller” bigger adventure. This is our outlet for all things travel, RV lifestyle, and running a remote business as digital nomads. 

Detach & Roam is, more or less, our philosophy on the journey. Detaching from conventional misadventure in order to roam, seeking experiences and creating a unique life. 

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